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Today, golfers are realising the importance of having custom fitted irons, wedges and woods. It is equally important to have a custom fitted putter. An ill fitted (or off the shelf) putter causes faults in a player’s technique. Putting accounts for around 45% of your score so it makes sense to have a putter fitted for your individual technique. Below is a list of what we take into consideration when fitting the perfect putter.

  • Ideal Length
  • Head Type: Square, Mallet or Blade
  • Head Balance: Face Balanced. Moderate or Toe hang

  • Correct Shaft, Offset
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Dynamic Lie
  • Grip: Regular, Midsize or Oversize
Putter Fitting Kent

All level of golfers from across the South East, including Tour Pro’s are regularly using our facility. Join them and book a putter fitting at Kent Golf Academy & Custom Fitting Centre  and take advantage of the technology usually only available to Tour professionals. You will learn more about your putting than you ever thought possible. Book now on 01843 310312

Putter Fitting

£50001 Hour
  • SAM Putt Lab Technology
  • Putter Fitting & Assessment

Ultimate Putting Package

£3990090 Minutes
  • SAM Putt Lab Technology
  • Putting Assessment, Putting Lesson, Putter Fitting & Putter of your Choice
  • *Surcharges apply for PhantomX & Counterbalance Putters*

Please Note – Customers who order a Putter and pay on the day of fitting will have their fitting fee removed. 

Our Putter Fitting Brands 

custom club fitting kent
custom club fitting kent

To Book Your Fitting Call Us on 01843 310312 

putter fitting kent
kent custom club fitting
Putter Fitting Kent
kent custom club fitting
Putter Fitting Kent