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Custom Club Fitting in Kent

Premium Custom Fitting Services designed for the golfer who is motivated to seriously improving their Clubs to ensure long term performance!

**Please Note – Customers who order clubs and pay on the day of fitting will have their fitting fee removed. Subject to a minimum spend of £250.00**

Driver/ Fairway /Hybrid Custom Fitting (Approx 1 Hour each)

£50 00 PER HOUR
  • A driver/fairway or hybrid fitting will result in maximised distance, perfect ball flight and increase accuracy without sacrificing consistency.

Custom Fit Irons (Approx 1 Hour)

  • Getting custom fit irons will ensure you have the best performing length, loft, lie angle, grip, shaft and head to suit your game.

Full Bag Fitting (Approx 3 Hours)

  • By testing different equipment combinations based on our expert product knowledge coupled with your choice of brand, feel and looks, we will ensure that every area of your bag performs consistently with clubs suited to your game.

Wedge Custom Fitting (Approx 1 Hour)

  • Wedges come in a variety lofts, finishes and grinds and, depending on the set make up of your bag, you may have the opportunity to play a 2, 3 or 4 wedge system. The objective of a custom wedge fitting is to address all these points.

Dynamic Loft & Lie Alterations (Approx 1 Hour)

  • A dynamic loft and lie check and adjustment will ensure the club strikes the turf evenly across its sole. This simple adjustment is often undervalued by most golfers and can have a dramatic impact on your game for very little outlay.

Gapping & Yardages (Approx 90 Mins)

  • Using GCQuad & GC2 launch monitors we get the most accurate measurement of the ball dynamicsultimately ensuring all your clubs are producing the desired distance gapping/yardages

Putter Fitting

£500045 Mins
  • CAPTO Precision Putting Technology
  • Putter Fitting and Assessment
  • Indoor Studio
  • Using Premium Golf Balls

Ultimate Putting Package

£4690090 Mins
  • CAPTO Precision Putting Technology
  • Putting Assessment, Putting Lesson and Putter Fitting
  • Scotty Cameron Putter of your Choice
  • *surcharge may apply for some models

To Book Your Fitting Call Us on 01843 310312

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