Custom Fitting FAQ’s

Do you do club repairs?2018-07-29T18:00:08+00:00

We can arrange for any repairs to be done.

What’s the turnaround time if I purchase clubs?2018-07-29T17:58:42+00:00

Our standard turnaround time is 5-10 working days from the day the order is placed.

What forms of payment do you take?2018-07-29T17:57:19+00:00

We accept Cash, PayPal, Bacs Transfer and all major credit/debit cards. Sorry, no Bit Coins (yet)!

Is there a guarantee my clubs will work as promised?2018-07-29T17:56:03+00:00

We stand behind the performance of every club we fit. If you ever have an issue with your clubs, contact us and we will do our best to help.

What brands of golf equipment do you carry?2019-11-01T17:22:53+00:00

We only fit using the top brands in the industry. We do NOT carry our own ‘House Brands’ of clubs.

Do you conduct indoor or outdoor fittings?2018-07-29T17:45:18+00:00

Our fitting studios are indoors. We believe that the most effective way to fit golf clubs is to take away the elements of weather and the static indoor environment is the best way to do that.

For example, imagine someone who plays a fade hitting outdoors into a fade wind. That club fitting will then be geared towards turning the ball over into that particular wind condition. We want to find the clubs that work best with all elements being static, so the golfer can take those clubs to the course and adjust accordingly.

What should I bring to my fitting?2018-07-29T17:47:08+00:00

Bring your golf clubs, golf shoes (or trainers) and casual/golf clothing to swing in.

How long does each fitting take?2018-07-29T17:48:26+00:00

There’s no set amount of time, everyone’s fitting is different. Generally speaking a Full Bag takes approx. 3 hours, Complete Long Game 2 hours, Irons & Driver 1.5 hours, Fairways/Hybrids, Putter and Wedges about 1 hour.

Do I have to do an entire bag fitting in one session, or can I break it up?2018-07-29T17:49:38+00:00

We’re not held to the same time constraints as a Big Box megastore. However long it takes to get your fitting right is how long we’ll spend with you.

After my fitting, am I obligated to buy clubs from you?2018-07-29T17:51:12+00:00

You are never obligated to buy clubs from Kent Golf Academy & Custom Fitting Centre. However, we get the clubs to the EXACT specifications that came from your fitting. The likelihood you can have your set built properly outside of a precision building operation like ours is quite low unfortunately.

Do fitting fees get applied to the cost of the golf clubs?2019-11-01T17:26:07+00:00

We wish we could, but we can’t apply all of the fitting fees towards the purchase of golf clubs. The GCQuad, CAPTO Precision Putting Technology and all the heads and shafts that we constantly refresh, create a enormous overhead cost so we’d be out of business if we didn’t charge for our fittings. An easy way to think about it is this way: Any golf store that can give you a free fitting doesn’t have the right technology or the right people in place to do it properly. However, order £250 or more of custom fitted clubs on the day and we will waiver your fitting fee!

If I don’t see a brand I’m interested in does that mean you can’t fit for it or can’t get it?2018-07-29T17:54:49+00:00

No one can stock EVERYTHING. We can however get most products in the industry.